University of Richmond

The Course

The IQ Science course has a fall component (IQS-1) and a spring component (IQS-2); each component carries 2 units of credit. The official title for the set is Integrated BIOL/CHEM/PHYS/MATH/CMSC with Lab (abbreviated on the transcript as INTEGRTD SCI/MATH/CMSC w/LAB). 

Students who complete both components will have earned four units toward graduation and will have completed the curricular equivalent of:

  • BIOL 199
  • CHEM 141
  • CMSC 150
  • MATH 231
  • PHYS 131

IQ science students will be able to enroll in any upper-level science or math course that requires any of the above courses.

After completing both components of the IQ Science course, students can go on to major in biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or computer science.  They may also choose our new Integrated Quantitative Science minor.

Students who complete only one semester will have earned 2 units toward graduation. IQS-1 will substitute for BIOL 199 for students who then go on to major in biology.

By completing one semester of the course, students will have satisfied both the Field of Study requirement in the Natural Sciences (FSNS) and the Field of Study requirement in Symbolic Reasoning (FSSR).

AP/IB Credit

Students coming in with AP/IB credit in some/all of the classes listed above can enroll in both components of the IQ Science course and receive full credit (2 units per course). Although there is some overlap in material between the IQ Science course and AP/IB courses in these areas, a significant portion of the IQ Science course is devoted to the integration of the material at the interface of the 5 disciplines which cannot be included in a course that lies entirely within a single field.